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Custom Surfboards built with care and purpose

Wave Creations Surfboards Shaping3.jpg

All of our surfboards are shaped to the precise dimensions and quality you can expect from a high-quality custom shaped surfboard.

You can expect the highest quality custom surfboard from us at Wave Creations as everything is done under the one roof from the ordering, shaping, glassing and sanding. This allows us to keep to our high standard and have full control over the quality of the surfboards we produce.

Wave Creations Surfboards Glassing44.jpg

With years of surfing knowledge and experience, Tully knows what works best for specific waves, surfing abilities and locations. Being a competitive surfer for years has given him the background on how a high performance surfboard should feel under your feet not just under your arm.

There is no better feeling for a surfer than picking up their brand new custom shaped surfboard for the first time.


Let us bring that stoke to you with a custom shaped surfboard. If you know what dimensions you are chasing simply just fill in our custom order form and we will be in contact with you.

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